Welcome to San Francisco Tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO TOMORROW was founded in 1970 by neighborhood activists who joined together to fight the neighborhood zoning battles of the 1960s.  A City-wide urban environmental organization, SFT is dedicated to promoting environmental quality, neighborhood livability and good government in San Francisco.



We concentrate on environmental issues because we believe a good environment is the necessary foundation upon which to build a good society.  Our interest range from sewers to skylines, encompassing such varied issues as:

  • Care and acquisition of open space
  • Downtown growth
  • Sensible neighborhood planning policies
  • Wise use of our waterfront
  • Better transit systems
  • Toxic issues

We participate actively in the City’s political scene, endorese candidates and issues, draft initiatives for the ballot, and lend our support, when we can, to those individuals and groups who share our concerns.

Ours is a volunteer effort, operating solely on the talent and hard work of our individual members.  Most work is done by committees, with our Board of Directors meeting once a month to set policy and approve action.  Our expenses are paid for from membership dues, contributions and fundraising events.