Rebuild Local Communities

January 27th, 2017 No Comments »

By Barbara Lee and Denise D’Anne

Those of us who are concerned about global warming should not shop at Amazon.

Amazon packaging includes the cutting of countless trees, the use of oil to ship, manufacture plastic and bubble wrap.  Most Amazon products are made in other countries preventing homegrown products to get a foothold.  The negative impact on our air quality and use of fuel is incalculable.

Some 36,000 robots at work in Amazon warehouses are replacing American
jobs. Our U.S. postal labor force, now contracted to deliver Amazon
packages day and night creates a physical strain on postal workers as they lug huge packages up stairs, across the street and …  On the other hand, shopping locally has many benefits.  The community receives the taxes, money circulates within the community, and job opportunities increase.  Consumers can view their purchases, try them on or return items easily. Personal relations develop and the sense of community enlivens our lives.

On-line shopping creates a monopoly that denies competition and ultimately
results in price gauging.

Barbara Lee is a member of Gray Panthers and on its editorial board.

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