Vote YES on Measure AA and feel good!

April 29th, 2016 No Comments »


Photo: Leah Millis, The Chronicle

Measure AA will provide desperately needed funds for the restoration of wetland habitat around San Francisco Bay.

Too often our votes seem to be making the best of not so great alternatives, either people or ballot measures. But Measure AA is all about doing something that will actually help preserve us, our Bay and the fish and wildlife that depend upon it.

The Bay has lost over 80% of its historic wetlands. These wetlands are the base of the aquatic food chain. 70% of our commercial fish depend upon wetlands at some time in their life cycle. Wetlands clean our water absorbing and even altering polluting chemicals. And wetlands help reduce the impact of floods because wetland vegetation absorbs a lot of the wave energy thus slowing water movement. You might remember that most of the damage Hurricane Katrina caused was the result of the loss of Gulf coast wetlands that would otherwise have reduced the flooding impacts.

Climate change is upon us, as is sea level rise. Tidal marshes are now seen as one of our best tools to address these threats and to keep our communities safe from the rising waters.

Wetland restoration is expensive; funding is hard to find. Your vote will make a difference. Your Yes vote on Measure AA delivers essential money for the restoration of our lost wetlands and will result in a healthier and safer Bay.

— Arthur Feinstein

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