Propositions: No on E

September 5th, 2015 No Comments »

Proposition E is billed as a “good government” measure. In fact, it is not. Under the guise of good government, this proposal will reduce participation of San Franciscans in the policies that affect us.
By requiring all Boards and Commissions to take pre-recorded and live remote comment for every meeting, Proposition E exposes them to influence by interest groups and individuals from across, and even outside, the country. The measure’s “privacy policy” shields lobbyists from identifying their clients or themselves as paid representatives. The voices of San Franciscans who provide public in-person comment will be deprioritized in favor of those outside San Francisco.

Proposition E will force Boards and Commissions to interrupt discussion and defer important actions in order to hear rigid time-set agenda items. Additionally, they will have to stop their meetings until time-set agenda items begin, creating lengthy delays.
Proposition E requires full implementation in six months, without new funds to do so. It will compel the City to quadruple its capacity to live-stream meetings and hire clerical, technology and translation staff for the City’s 100+ Boards and Commissions. The City would be forced to pay for this from the general fund, risking cuts to other services.
We want open, transparent government and greater public participation, but Proposition E creates far more problems than it solves. Vote NO On E.

— Lee Hepner (of Sunshine Task Force), et al.

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