Labor is not Honored

April 27th, 2015 No Comments »

Now with reformulated ownership, Parkmerced management has fired its maintenance staff. On Tuesday, April 14, they faced a union demonstration of their fired former maintenance and janitorial workers.  These union workers, who have in many cases spent a working lifetime of diligent labor, will be replaced by non-union scabs.

San Francisco Tomorrow has led and lost the battle fought in state appeals court to protect the residents of Park Merced, its unions and the need for responsible stewardship.  The project is now expected to go forward to destroy this renowned, iconic new town urban setting built in the 1930s.

This firing of the maintenance staff should be decried in the strongest terms and could be called “moral infamy.”  It is now added to the loss of permanent rent control housing and tenuous affordable rental protection that will accompany the Court-approved development program which will allow the creation of 5,000 new market-rate units and the demolition of the current townhouse affordable units.

A judge at the state Court of Appeals asked the appellants, “Do you wish to preserve the city in amber?”   The answer in this case is yes.

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